Bio: The Soul Eats through the ears & you've been starved. Dinner time is now! Ajani’s Sound is Heart Felt, Edgy, Energetic, & What the Game’s Been Missing. When asked what drives His spirit to the Microphone, Ajani says. “My Life is my influence, Lend an ear to my art and I’ll paint you a portrait. My Music is me, from my smile, to my frown to my Leer. I live inside the wire & I die on every Beat”. Ajani was born in Ocho Rios Jamaica West Indies; he came to America in the early 90's. He moved around a lot as a child. He moved back and forth from Jamaica to New York, to Bridge Port Connecticut then finally. His Mother Settled Down in South Side Jamaica Queens. Ajani Describes Himself as “a Rolling Stone...Minus the Guitar”. Growing up & going through Culture Shock, Ajani grew Eclectic. “I love music in all forms and Genres, music is my heart beat. It keeps me going and gives me a reason to wake up in the morning looking to live on. Music, My Family & My daughter Nala, Those aspect of my life are my muse, Anticipate greatness from me.” Ajani was always into Poetry as a child, at 18 Ajani began to write Lyrics for fun. Two years Later Ajani decided, after not being able to cope with the twist and turns of his shady life, that he would formulate a flow Fueled by the pain and turmoil in his life. Avid Fan say that it’s the Built up pain, and anger that gives Ajani that Raspy; raw UN-bagged, Untamed Potent sound, flow, and edge you hear as the music creeps through your ears and into your soul. Ajani believes that in any aspect of music, Versatility is a key factor. He believes that a story is required in any musical endeavor, not a crime story, or a fabricated image or approach, but whatever your story is. He then said “M.I.L.S. Is the Movement, Music is Life’s Story. Money in Lump Sums, Love is love. Music is life, because the true motion of life is seen through music. What is seen is believed, people believe what they perceive and music paints eyes for the mind.”-Ajani

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